Content Architecture

Good content is the cornerstone for every communication strategy to succeed. Sounds like a no-brainer. But in todays digital-driven marketing world, you need more than that. Content needs to be connected, it needs to be structured and it needs to be smart, really smart. And this is where most companies fail. Content needs to be thought as crucial part of the infrastructure, your content architecture should unlock the future, not make it even more complicated.

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Is lorem ipsum really evil?

One of the common things people do wrong in prototyping but also in graphic design is the use of dummy text. How would a strategy for text look like that is based on iterative and rapid prototyping? Read more …

Building multichannel experiences with the “Content Topic Wheel”

The Content Topic Wheel provides a framework for developing ideas based on the topics of a Content Strategy and putting them together in a multichannel architecture. Read more …