Content First from a practical perspective

Georg Obermayr

Everyone talks about Content First. More and more companies realize that a multichannel strategy for their content is an important asset. But how does it actually work? Watch my German talk here:

In the live stream conducted by the Swiss publishingNETWORK I talk with Haeme Ulrich and René Theiler about my recent work for the corporate website of the outdoor footwear brand LOWA. We discuss the general strategy and go deep on how the architecture works with a lot of examples on content strategy, media & editorial workflows. We talk about the importance of best of breed architecture, the integration of print and other technical aspects. Of course we also cover a lot of ground in regards to project management, agile collaboration and why working in iterations is so important for digital projects.

After the great success of the German edition, I was very happy to also talk about the project in English. I was invited to Stay Curious – beyond tellerrand Café and had a great conversation with Marc Thiele and Bastian Allgeier. We again talked about the project, our architectural choices and dived a bit deeper into the details of the implementation. Watch the English talk here:

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Georg Obermayr

I’m one of those guys in the media production and publishing scene, that is often labeled as a thought leader. But I’m a practitioner. Day in and day out I work as Head of Crossmedia Production in an advertising agency. I’m hands on creating content infrastructures and designing websites, apps and social media stuff that are driven by these infrastrucutures. This it what grounds me. And it is this daily business work that helps me identifying the trends and emerging topics of our field. With that kind of real world knowledge, I’m an active participant in bringing our industry forward: I write a lot about agile publishing, digital publishing, development, and media production, not just here but also in well know magazines and journals. I’m a keynote speaker at conferences and do a lot of trainings and consulting work. Since I’m originally a print person, I was involved in developing industry guidelines for PDFX-ready. I co-authored the book “Agile Publishing”, still the 400 pages reference work on how agile processes move user experience and storytelling in the spotlight of todays multichannel world. I’m living at the intersection of design, content, technology and marketing. How hypes can be moved into practical use is what drives me every day.
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